Meet the Lioness

hIt’s been a year since I saw this Mixed Beauty on MTV’s ‘Hit or Miss’.  So I Googled her “Ella Eyre”. First thing that caught my attention was her ‘MFontCandy (42)ane-like’ hair. This Afro-Jamaican’s beauty percolates to her music, as described by most British magazines as having a ‘Husky’, ‘bass guitar’ kind of voice.

Her inspiration to become a pop sensation came while at a school trip, where she watched Adele perform her Grammy winning song ‘Someone Like You’ at the BRIT Awards. Later she went on to become Rudimental’s female vocalist for their 2013 UK Tour … (yes she is the lass who performed in a cat suit) she lent her voice to Naughty Boy and Tinie Tempah plus provided vocals for Wilkinson’s ‘Afterglow’, which if I may say was a HUGE! Success. Her first EP ‘Deeper’ (my ringtone) was No. 73 in the 2013 UK charts, followed by ‘Comeback’ which she wrote when she was sixteen – received a really good reception… especially from me. She has had major collaborations from Rudimental to DJ Fresh with whom she released ‘Gravity’, she co-wrote ‘Changing’ which featured Paloma Faith (you know the song with tonnes of Cuban flags) and also worked with Bastille. Most excitingly, she just released her first album ‘Feline’ with ‘We Don’t Have to take our clothes off’, ‘Don’t follow me’, ‘Everyone goes away’ –deluxe version. While ‘Deeper’, ‘Comeback’, ‘Together’- as Standard Versions.

With her massive success at only 21, she is also embraced for her lustrous hair locks. She even has a own HASHTAG #ellashair – jealous- all that hair. Ella has been compared to a lion and even joked in one of her interview with Britain’s Noisey that she would have acted in The Lion King play.

A huge fan base globally especially on Twitter,  to having an amazing voice and big collaborations this ‘Reluctantly 21’ British is just getting started. If you haven’t listened to her music, please do… it might be worthwhile. Check out her website: for more information on her and her music. Signing off…


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