FontCandy (16).pngA country located near the Equator in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and Australia needs our help. The Republic of Marshall Island is disappearing. This beautiful country and all its beautiful scenery, culture and people will be extinct.

With the current Climatic Situation the Marshallese don’t have the luxury of day to Ignore this crisis like the rest of us are. They struggle to survive on their disappearing shores, with little water, drought and now high tides of the Pacific washing away their homes
Ado neo Ao –
Most Marshallese have left the island for America to escape Death, the remaining stay to fight for their country. Marshallese leaders have expressed their woes with Global leaders in Climate Summits including the recent Paris Climate Conference, they have held Hunger Strikes, Underground Cabinet Meetingsto symbolize what will happen if the world doesn’t help and they have presented heart-wrenching speeches to the United Nations.
The much we can do is to practice the Big Three Rs: Recycle, Reuse and Recycle, because the last thing needed is to add another category of refugees; Climatic Refugees.


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