Monochrome Funk PT 1: The Beginning

Hello! Welcome! Late last year I did tones of research on Photography and what it takes to capture those special Kodak Moments with clear precision and make them of high quality. I learnt lots about Noise Reduction, White Balance, ISO etc and am still learning through Online Masterclasses, the motive for using the word Monochrome Funk is at first I thought it was about shooting images in black and white but turns out it’s just about shooting images of one color! So… it varies across different colors. Funk- just gives it that special zeal.

I took some few shots last week and they may not be of high quality but Hey! Am trying.

I was basically splashing water around.

Am currently using a Sony Cybershot Camera- DSW-W130, Carl Zeiss lens with 8.1 megapixels, am not using any Photo Editing Software for now. The way I shot it, is the way you see it

My mum told me never to play with water but HEY!


Nowadays anyone can become a photographer, but getting good images is vital. I’m still not there but am practising and I’m determined  to share with you my Photography Journey.  So feel free to tell me what you think; whether you liked the pictures or not, every comment is key to my improvement.

Keeping Writers Block at bay

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