Writer’s Block

It has been three months since my last blog post, three months of having no clue on what  to write, three months of staring at a blank Word document wondering what to type. Writer’s block has taken a toll on me, this is a real thing people, it’s a downright bitch!!

During this duration I have read tons of blogs trying to get ideas on what to write or at least re-blog but I have had zero success… nothing to post… Nada!! I have tried some exercises to reduce this block and honestly I think it has ‘increased’ this SITUATION. I even tried making friends in my new neighborhood but it never worked out, my mother ‘Attributes’ it to my Anti-social Pessimism ways. I blame Alessia Cara wait she’s my ‘home-girl’…. I blame the universe.

So I decided to write about it as a blog post and explain my absenteeism, Three months is  a long time.

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See ya!!!



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