Hello… welcome!!!🙋 I am back from Internet hibernation. I had a lot of time to think and re-evaluate on this blogging fiasco. Since I’m here it means I decided to continue pushing on😊. With this I want to sort of introduce another category, which I will focus on showcasing to you my ‘beloved’ readers, young amazing Kenyans excelling in their different fields.
These individuals who have turned their Passions into Portfolios doing what they love.

Everything will be okay in the end if it’s not…then it’s not the end .”

I introduce to you Joanna Kinuthia, a student and make up artist based here in Nairobi. She found her niche in the art of Contouring while in high school in addition to having a relative who loved wearing make-up. She is a self taught artist who loves what she does and it is 100% evident from her videos on Facebook, where she posts tutorials for beginners to try.

Joanna Kinuthia


I am not a make-up person… I don’t even apply an ounce of foundation but her videos are tremendous. They are so engaging and funny you feel part of them. For those interested in her services she uses high end products, so don’t be afraid…. No knock offs🚫🚫. Her charges vary with events her clients are attending.

Joanna hopes to start a YouTube channel to showcase her work further, thereafter move from tutorials to the actual teaching on make-up Contouring. Nevertheless, she has worked with some well known Kenyan personalities which is a boost for her.

Joanna continues to build her portfolio and grow her following, she gives people like myself a reason to continue pushing on.
For more information on Joanna, please visit her page in the link above.

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Featured Image: Me
Joanna’s Image: Joanna Kinuthia


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