Well, as you have noticed I am weak at consistency.
I fail in the areas I’m supposedly good at, mainly this beautiful craft📝. wp-1492599220412.jpg
While I was away…for eight months, I have joined varsity life with which comes the four year package of assignments *trying to pull my hair out* All these in my first year😩: I’m past exhaustion at this point and I now value sleep. I completed my YaLa Citizen Journalism Program, I am back to reading novels… African literature to be precise and I was in a BOOK CLUB people!

Tones of growth has happened and I have figured out what I actually want to achieve with my blog. I hope you are all with me. Till my next post.

To consistency.✋




2 thoughts on “Consistent.

  1. Great to have you back. I love your photos. Consistency does not matter. Substance does. You should start a photography web whatever. Hizi vitu sijui but it willdefinately showcase your talent. Thumbs up bros 👍👍👍👍👍

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